Our favorite Australian band, Atlas Genius, took the time to answer some questions we had regarding the successful year they had with the release of their debut album ‘When It Was Now‘. They also talked about what we can expect of their new album, which is already in the works. Read below the full interview or if you prefer click here to read it as a magazine design.

A year has passed after the release of your debut album ‘When It Was Now’. How do you feel 12 months later now that you know the success it had?

I feel like it was a year of ‘firsts’ for us, our first full-length, first headline tours. It’s interesting for me to think about where the band was at when we recorded that album in our little studio here in Australia compared to where we subsequently toured those songs. 2013 was a great year for the band.

We never know if our plans will come out as we thought, but did you ever imagined that you would end up working full time with music? What did you do before?

I had always wanted to play and write music full-time. The path to getting there wasn’t without it’s twists and turns. There have been many times where it didn’t look like a viable career path, but that desire to create seems to overcome a lot of obstacles. Before Atlas Genius was born I was studying to be an Architect.

You are currently working on your new album…what can we expect?

We are a band that has just finished touring for almost 18 straight months around the world. We learned a whole lot in that period of time. The way we played the songs from WIWN towards the end of the tour evolved quite substantially, and I think that will be in the back of our minds as we write this album. We don’t plan to ‘play it safe’ with this second album. In the end, the song is the most important member of the band. So, the emotional content will dictate the sounds we choose.

What is your favorite part of the entire process of recording an album?

The best studio moments are when you have the ‘break-throughs’. Those little moments of success where a subtle shift or spark of inspiration turns a bunch of sounds into something special. It’s when you don’t quite know how you got there but the result is exciting, steering away from the purely formulaic.

What is going on in Australia that so many great bands (like you) are emerging?

Isolation. ‘Scenes’ are the death of originality.

What is the craziest thing you have experienced in a concert/festival?

Nearly missing our set at Firefly Festival in Delaware last year. We found ourselves in near-standstill traffic 10 miles out from the festival grounds. Everyone started freaking out, us, the concert organisers. They even sent out a ‘police escort’ in an attempt to get us there but they couldn’t find us, our phones weren’t really working After some illegal traffic moves we got there with literally 7 minutes until we were scheduled to play. With 10,000 people waiting, I started playing the show with just a microphone and a guitar while the rest of the band started setting up around me. It was a fun show actually.

Name 3 bands the influence your music.

David Bowie
Prince (and his band)

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?


Your favorite song at this moment.
‘A Little Opus’ – Little Comets

A band you would like to tour with.

Death Cab for Cutie