It all began 3 years ago when Brandon Flowers released his first single as a solo artist entitled “Crossfire“. That very same day we released a small music blog with the the objective of posting  songs and videos everyday that we enjoyed listening to,  not necessarily new music or news.

A few months later, the blog began evolving into a small music news site that pretty much looked like this during the following 2 years.

indscene music 2011

After that, we thought it was time for us to give the site a brand new identity and this time our objective was to turn into your favorite music source. That is when we began planning and designing the new Indscene. It took almost a year to come up with the new design, but last week, July 1st, we finally released it hoping to make your experience of browsing for new music more enjoyable and fun.

With the new we want you to be always updated with the latest news from your favorite indie rock bands and also present you with some great new emerging bands on our Radar.

Thank you to everyone who has been following us since the very beginning, and also thank you if you just found out about us. Hopefully you will come back everyday to see what’s new in the indie rock universe.