Playing at Glastonbury this Friday, 6pm in the new LA Pussy Parlure Stage, Little Boots Discotheque (LBD) is a brand new remixed live experience brought to you by Little Boots.

Taking the club-shaking beats and mixes of a Little Boots DJ set and the live vocals and synth-meddling of a live show, LBD is a unique stripped down danceable performance, a Little Boots Soundsystem if you will.

LBD sets feature LB songs old and new, alongside some of our favourite dance artists, all remixed and re-charged onstage with a bolstered arsenal of synthesisers and drum machines.

In celebration Little Boots gives away this extended edit of “Motorway”, a symphony of bittersweet brilliance, reworked for the discotheque creating an even more danceable accompaniment to the cascade of noir narratives, chilly melodies and thundering late-night congas. The perfect Glastonbury warm-up.