Camera Obscura literally means “dark chamber” in Latin. It is a 5th Century contraption that the Chinese philosopher Mo-Ti documented as a phenomenon of seeing an inverted image caused by light rays entering a very small hole in a dark room. For photographers, it is a darkened box containing convex lens. Just as much as it is a vital part of the history of photography itself, this word became what is now one of U.K.’s retro indie pop sensations.

The band named after this was formed back in 1996 in Glasgow. Considered as Scotland’s largest city, the area once had a rich history in ship building. With the famous River Clyde that passes through it, steamboats and trading ships once docked here. Another attraction that can be found would be the Willow Tea Rooms.. As the English practice having afternoon tea accompanied by a 3-tiered cake stand filled with crumpets, this pot beckons locals and tourists alike to partake in their varied selections of treats. With Glasgow and its traditional fares, one can also drop by recreational spots like the bingo halls like the Mecca and Carlton Bingo Clubs that are scattered around the premises. Although for those who are already tired of exploring the whole city by foot, one can play in online sites like In hindsight, participating in activities like bingo can stimulate one’s need for socialization. With a game that entails everyone to mingle, friendships and even business networks are built into the process. One’s alertness is also trained as the progression of every round is often unpredictable. Hand-eye coordination is developed as complete concentration is needed in every game. Without the involvement of having complicated rules, almost anyone can try out bingo. Moreover, it offers utmost leisure and relaxation.

Relaxing can also be the perfect description for the songs Camera Obscura churns out. Filled with retro reminiscent accompaniments and having vocals recorded in lo-fi, listeners can be transported to a time where MODs bask freely in their Vespas and brogues. Hailed as the quintet that perfectly brings homage to the Modernist era, Camera Obscura is truly a band that epitomizes nostalgia through the 60’s music diaspora.