(New York, New York) – May 29, 2013 – Scion AV today premieres season two of Young Americans in collaboration with VICE – an eight-part interview series about what’s it’s like to live as a young person in America today, as told straight from the source. After tackling issues that resonated in 2012, from college debt to social networking, season two of Young Americans sees the return of Producer/Director Lance Bangs and company as they travel across the nation to capture real viewpoints and opinions from today’s youth.

In season two, ethnicity is the overarching lens through which Lance and his team focused in on some targeted topics such as body image, socializing and media representations. The end result was a documented survey of people from a wide array of ethnic communities hailing from all over the US.

In the first episode of season two, debuting on Scion AV’s YouTube Channel, we meet up with young Americans from coast to coast to discuss their multi-cultural roots.

Of the second season, director Lance Bangs says, “We spent months engaging in conversations with interesting young people across the country, and pushing further into people’s sense of identity. These young people have complicated inner senses of self, and their external presentation can be radically different from how they exist in their own mind. To me, their overall tendency of evolving away from past generation’s identity norms is fascinating.”

“It’s important for Scion to be in touch with what’s going on in youth today,” comments Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotion at Scion. “We couldn’t find anyone better than Lance Bangs to go out and capture such a variety of real, honest viewpoints.”

Watch the first episode below.

Full airing schedule:
Wednesday, May 29th – “Coming to America”
Wednesday, June 5th – “The Asian-American Experience”
Wednesday, June 12th – “Media Representations”
Wednesday, June 19th – “Body Image”
Wednesday, June 26th – “LGBT”
Wednesday, July 3rd – “Socializing”
Wednesday, July 10th – “Cultural Stereotypes”
Wednesday, July 17th – “Where Are We Headed?