Exam candidates who take the 1Z0-047 Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert certification exam are eligible to receive all of the following certifications: Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert Oracle 11g DBA OCA, Oracle 10g DBA OCA, Oracle9i DBA OCA, and Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate. In order to receive these certifications, candidates must pass the 70 questions with a score of at least 66%. Each candidate will be given 120 minutes. Concepts tested on the exam include, but are not limited to, retrieving data, row functions, displaying and manipulating data, using DDL statements, and controlling user access.


In order to prepare for the 1Z0-047 exam, Oracle highly recommends that candidates use the training available from Oracle University. In some geographic regions, this training includes the Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL (Bundle). In regions where the bundle is not available, it’s recommended that candidates take the Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL Ed 1 course. Alternately, Oracle recommends that candidates take both the Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals course and the Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals II course together.


Though the courses are an excellent method for exam candidates who wish to have a structured classroom setting, complete with an instructor, other candidates prefer to prepare for the exam on their own time and at their own pace. Oracle recommends that these candidates prepare using the Self Test Software practice exam 1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert or the Transcender practice test Cert-1Z0-047 DBCert: Oracle Database SQL Expert. Many candidates also find the self pacing offered through the certification exam preparation materials provided by TestsLive to be a helpful way of boosting their exam score.